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DubLi Update From John Cini: News, Inviting Clinic, Oct. Tour

August 27, 2009

Group Skype Message
from john cini

We had an amazing webcast turnout the last two days: 80 people Tue. and 55 more last night.  Of the 80 Tue., 70 of them were from our group, so we’re doing outstanding.  Congratulations to the Pittington Group, which had 30 reps and guests, and to the GM Group with 20.

The video quality isn’t great, but the video is up now at and  We will improve the resolution and re-post later today (but the video won’t be down at anytime).  Big thanks to Alan Breen for his hard work getting this done for us!

The name of this game is talking to people, inviting them to the webcasts.  (I know that’s new info.)  But to get a serious jumpstart, you’ve got to dial 20 to 30 people a day – that’s only 2 hours of work!  (If you can’t put 15 hours into this, you know you won’t make serious money.  Turn the TV off to make a fortune!)  For the last 5 days of Aug., that’s calling at least 100 people (5 days, 20/day).  Remember, you have to tell EVERYBODY about the $1 Million bonus and that DubLi will be a publicly-held company Oct. 1st!

To help you really crank up the inviting numbers, we’re having a Team Sep. Inviting Tournament (DJ Doubler Team only, sorry), which will run the entire month of Sep., starting next Tues.  All the details are on my blog “Scoreboard,” at, which is also found at the top-right of the blog homepage.  To play in the tournament, by the end of this weekend (this Sun.) you have to email me and tell me you’re in.

One huge key to my quick acceleration to a 5-figure monthly check: getting 5 frontline TLs going simultaneously in my first month, which then resulted in 4 TCs nearly simultaneously.  That same momentum is needed to get 5 SDs (to reach VP), and then 5 VPs (to reach SVP).  That all starts with inviting people to the webcasts!  The biggest benefit of this team tournament is the results you’ll get from inviting.

We’ll have our usual Sat. Training at 11am Eastern, covering new rep assignments and the compensation plan, including showing the minimum amount of money you’d make by reaching the Sales Director rank.  Plus, I’m going to show the dramatic power of compounding vs. delaying growth.  Also, at 1pm Eastern, Jim Pare’ will have training on how to get credits out for customers, then transition them into becoming reps.  He’ll probably have many other insightful comments, too.

Dean Mannheimer last week told the Sales Directors that DubLi Corp. would do “a multiple city meeting tour the last week of October and the first week of November with Michael Hansen.” They “are looking to do 3-4 cities in the US covering the East and West coasts and one city in Canada.” I don’t have the dates or cities yet, but Dean did say that “I already have a volunteer for Washington DC so the East coast region is covered.” So for those in range of DC, you’re in good shape. REACH THE RANK OF SALES DIRECTOR BEFORE THIS EVENT!

“It takes no guts to be skeptical; it takes guts to believe, to put yourself on the line, to take action, risk failure, and ultimately to succeed.” – Tony Robbins, via Twitter

703.ATM.KEYS (703.286.5397)
Skype: antipaper

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