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DubLi Update From John Cini: Super-Urgent Notes For Builders

August 24, 2009

Two critical things to note:
1. Producers are working HARD right now and gobbling up market share, whether you know it or not; and
2. If you truly want to have a shot at the $1 Million bonus, you have to go to the whip on yourself immediately.  Let me talk about each of those things briefly.

1. The message I’m getting is that both Jims (Pare’ and McCarron) in my upline are on the recruiting rampage.  I know my sponsor (McCarron) has been doing mtgs nonstop for the last week, enrolling people everyday.  And I heard that Pare’ just brought in another couple of long-time top networkers.  I also know that the Asian market is already under serious assault.  The word will spread so fast, because of the money DubLi has committed to paying its reps and because of the uniqueness of our program.  A few days ago McCarron told me the original founder of Melaleuca just enrolled in his downline, third level.  I was on the fone doing 3ways or frontline calls all day everyday last week, and this week will be no different.  It’s time to get very serious and focused.  My attitude is, play AFTER you get your million dollar bonus.

2. The only way you realistically have a shot at SVP by the end of next year is to at least be SD by the end of this year.  And really, you need to be VP or darn close by the end of this year.

To get serious about grabbing market share and the VP rank, you’ve got to dial at least 20 people a day.  For the rest of Aug., I suggest calling 200 people (8 days, 25 to 30/day).

Bottom line:  you HAVE to tell EVERYBODY about the $1 Million bonus and that DubLi will be a publicly-held company Oct. 1st! That info is being blasted out everywhere now.  Leaders will quickly make their move, and slackers will miss out.

Dean Mannheimer verified that the DubLi Corp. newsletter from Aug. 21 (last Friday) contained an error and the company will release a correction next week.  The correct info is that anyone who reaches the rank of VP by the end of 2009 will receive 3 rep (“BA”) positions* that can be given to downline members to entitle them to take a full two years to reach SVP and earn the $1 million bonus.  The incorrect statement said, “All SVP’s will be given three (3) licenses* upon qualification which can be distributed freely to selected candidates within your respective organization, which will entitle the recipient holding that license to a two (2) year extension for qualifying as a SVP and earning the $1,000,000 cash prize.”
*DubLi Corp. actually says “licenses” in the EU, but I don’t think we can’t use that term here in the USA without confusing people and alerting regulators.

If you bought an Aug. ad co-op spot, this morning you should have received 250 leads from Tari – if you requested them.  If you didn’t request them, you didn’t get them.  In conjunction with that, I uploaded a new script system that is very easy to use with the business-seeker leads.  It’s in “The Basics” section of our Resource Library at

On that same note, during our Sat. training when I said, “Call 20 people per day thru the end of August,” it was with those leads in mind and figuring that we all can dial about 10 people per hour, as we actually speak to 4 or 5 of those 10.  So dialing 20 people per day is really only a couple hours of work.  If you can’t put in 2 hours a day, you shouldn’t expect to make serious money with DubLi.

If you looked at the webcast list on today, you already know that I’m going back to an aggressive webcast schedule.  I decided to do this because of 2 things:
1.  We grew tremendously fast when we were doing 5 dependable, consistent webcasts every week, and
2.  The shorter webcasts others are doing don’t handle several important, common objections and don’t show the money effectively, IMO.

This isn’t a knock on them, it’s just a different philosophy of building.  For those of you who want a brief, auction-focused webcast, you have at least a couple of them every week as well as recordings available on other DubLi Rep sites.

On the other hand, we will do our more comprehensive webcast on Tue., Wed., and Sat. every week, and we will probably add another day later.  At my upline’s request, we stopped doing all those webcasts for the summer, because they wanted to compress our meetings for better attendance, which was smart.  But now it’s time to crank it up again.

Hit it hard now – there’s a retirement fortune at stake!

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