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DubLi Corp.: Newsletter August 21st, 2009

August 21, 2009

Update Oct. 19: In the third paragraph below (which begins “In order to qualify for the $1,000,000 dollars in cash“), the second sentence says, “All SVP’s will be given three (3) licenses upon qualification …” – this is incorrect.  At the Sales Director weekend in Miami we were told that the way to get the 3 licenses is to reach VP by the end of 2009, and Dean Mannheimer confirmed this on a conf. call a few days after the news item was released, and said that the newsletter was incorrect.  DubLi Support then confirmed the correction:

“All who get VP before Jan. 1st 2010 will get 3 licenses.  Best Regards, Laura White, DubLi Network Support”

I expect this to be corrected in a forthcoming newsletter.


Here’s the biggest announcement of 2009!

Newsletter August 21st, 2009
DubLi’s NEW Leadership Level Senior Vice-President*

One of the first of many announcements made at the recent Sales Director Conference in Miami was the creation of a brand new leadership position called Senior Vice-President. In addition to the tremendous earning potential of this position, the company announced they would richly reward those who put forth the effort in achieving this coveted position by including a few bonuses, which is certain to turn the Network Marketing Industry upside down:

  • $1 Million Dollars in CASH
  • Brand New Bentley Continental Convertible (Reserved for the 1st SVP)
  • Breitling Bentley Watch (Reserved for the 1st SVP))
1 Milllion Dollars
There’s no economic crisis here at DubLi, so in order to attract the most qualified candidates from around the world we wanted to seriously get their attention with an offer of $1,000,000 cash, a new Bentley Continental Convertible and matching Breitling Bentley Watch. We’re extremely confident that once you begin spreading the news it will have an immediate impact on your ability to recruit the best candidates from around the world.

In order to qualify for the $1,000,000 dollars in cash you must qualify for the position of SVP by January of 2011. All SVP’s will be given three (3) licenses upon qualification [see correction above] which can be distributed freely to selected candidates within your respective organization, which will entitle the recipient holding that license to a two (2) year extension for qualifying as a SVP and earning the $1,000,000 cash prize. In other words let’s say you qualify as a SVP in March 2010, at that time you will be given three (3) SVP licenses which you can freely distribute to the most qualified persons in your organization, and they in turn can use that license in order to achieve the title of SVP within the next 24 months, or by March 2012 in this example. So be very selective in your decision making process about distributing these valuable licenses, because once you have given them away, you can’t get any more. A good rule of thumb would be to identify those BA’s in your business who have at least achieved the title of Sales Director.

The new Bentley Continental Convertible and matching Breitling Watch is reserved exclusively for the first person who qualifies as a SVP.

The qualifications for achieving the title of SVP are as follows:

Create five (5) separate legs with a VP in each leg and you will qualify as a SVP. They do not have to be personally sponsored by you. The objective is to create five (5) legs with a SD in each leg, then help those SD’s become VP’s and you’re a SVP.

SVP Commission Structure: 2 ½%, 1 ½% and 1% in generation bonuses.

*The terms and conditions for the qualification as a SVP will be listed in your Back Office soon.

DubLi Land – DubLi’s Oasis for Top Leaders

Envision a multi-million dollar private development on an isolated island with stunning custom villas and located in one of the most treasured places the Caribbean where the only residents will be VP’s and SVP’s. Would that be cool or what?

One of the highlights from the Miami conference was the introduction of DubLi Land located in beautiful Cayman Brac a small isolated island which is part of the Cayman Islands. DubLi purchased a large parcel of land and will soon begin development. There will be several floor plans to choose from and the minimum size for a villa will be 5,000 square feet. DubLi will also provide the financing for all eligible VP’s and SVP’s.

The company surprised Dean Mannheimer and Tom Ashlock, VP’s with DubLi with their very own parcel in DubLi Land for FREE.

“The Great Land Give-A-Way” is open to all North and South American BA’s who qualify for VP by December 31, 2009. Here’s an opportunity to earn your very own parcel of land in DubLi Land for free…there’s still plenty of time to pull out all the stops by the year’s end; so get qualified as a VP and soon you’ll be basking in your own private piece of paradise on Cayman Brac.

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    702 West Street
    Wilmington,DE 19801
  • Managing Director
  • Michael Hansen



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