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DubLi Corp.: Newsletter August 20th, 2009

August 20, 2009

This is huge verification from DubLi Corporate of some fantastic upgrades we heard about in Miami:

– Global Auction
– Australia/NZ Launch & Events
– Training Academy Launch
– New Florida, USA Regional Office

The big one, the $1 Million Bonus, is still on its way …

Newsletter August 20th, 2009 Announces New Global Auction Portal

This is a major announcement in the world of DubLi. Imagine a global trading platform without borders? Imagine the impact as millions of potential customers begin bidding on the same goods and services from around the world? Imagine the potential? Imagine no more!

DubLi prepares to introduce the world’s first seamless global trading portal for Xpress and Unique Bid auctions. The announcement of a seamless global auction portal is truly a first in the history of e-commerce and represents an unprecedented opportunity for BA’s around the world. The launch date will be announced during the Australian tour in September, 2009.

The concept is simple:  create one seamless global auction portal,, and then remove all the previous borders, giving customers a worldwide opportunity for saving huge amounts of money on the most coveted quality merchandise in the world.

However, it took over a year of programming and many sleepless nights from our outstanding team of engineers to make the seemingly impossible become reality.

Brands will showcase a minimum of 100 brand name items in the Xpress auctions which will allow customers from around the world to begin using their DubLi credits to place bids on merchandise they want to purchase. We envision the bidding to accelerate 10 fold at a minimum, because of the fact that bidding will take place in multiple countries around the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The dramatic increase in customer activity will allow DubLi to feature higher-end luxury items than at any time in their history and on a consistent basis. Imagine watching prices dropping by an average of 25-50% or more on the highest quality merchandise literally within minutes after being uploaded to the auction site? It’s not just wishful thinking, it’s sure to become a reality, because of the fact we will have 10 times the customer traffic as before, with DubLi customers from around the world simultaneously bidding on the same merchandise in multiple time zones. The size and scope of this operation has never been done before in the history of e-commerce, and we’re certain this announcement will place DubLi in an elite class of e-commerce merchants on a global scale, while at the same time providing an unparalleled opportunity for our BA’s.

Initially there will be four international languages, English, Spanish, German, and Danish. Additional languages are to come, based on market penetration. There will be a minimum of 100 high-demand standard items for sale in Xpress auctions, which can be shipped anywhere in the world, and depending upon the country, we will showcase up to 400 additional products that are country-specific to a particular market, like the USA for example, where shipping products is relatively quick and economical. Stay tuned for company updates, as we get closer to unveiling the NEW Global Auction Portal.

Australia & New Zealand Extravaganza

DubLi officially launches in Australia and New Zealand with an upcoming tour beginning September 16, 2009 in four major cities. Michael Hansen, the Founder of DubLi, along with Rik McCoy, DubLi’s Director of Marketing, and Dean Mannheimer, DubLi Vice-President, will be on hand to officially launch DubLi in Australia and New Zealand. This is a major event, so begin spreading the word to all your contacts in the Land Down-Under and New Zealand. We encourage you to bring as many guests as possible in order to preview the company’s official launch. Seize the moment with a profound sense of urgency and watch your organization explode.

Four major events are planned for Australia and New Zealand and will take place in the following cities (hotels, dates and starting times will be announced soon in the back office):

Sydney    |    Brisbane    |    Melbourne    |    Auckland

DubLi’s 1st Education Module Goes “Live”

The first module for DubLi’s Training Academy is about to go live. Visually stunning and comprehensive in content, the long-awaited DubLi Success Academy is ready to open its doors and begin accepting new students who are on the road to success. Imagine attending a prestigious virtual university and sitting in a classroom alongside other DubLi BA’s, while being educated by some of the finest professors in the world. The education system is designed to help guide a new BA step by step through a comprehensive curriculum that will enable them to acquire the skills necessary in developing a solid, profitable, global business.

The academy will be open to all BA’s 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in multiple languages, and all tuition fees will be completely borne by the company.

The first module covers in great depth the initial process of getting started in the business, how to prepare your list of potential candidates, and then identify your potential leaders. All the necessary forms are provided in order to help you get started with putting together your list.

The second module will focus on the invitation and proper follow up procedures and will be uploaded in mid-September. . Charles King, the renowned professor of Marketing at the prestigious University of Illinois at Chicago, who teaches the only college based courses in the USA on MLM, will play an important role in developing much of the content. Our goal as a company is to excel industry-wide in providing the most efficient and comprehensive training ever offered in network marketing.

DubLi’s New USA Regional Office – Opening Soon!

DubLi announced they will be opening a new regional office in order to better service the growing base of customers and BA’s located in the USA. The company will target southern Florida as the destination for its USA office, and will be staffed by customer service personnel, technical support, web based development, marketing and distribution. All personnel hired will spend approximately two weeks at the Headquarters in Berlin, Germany, for extensive training. This will dramatically increase our response time for support issues that may arise, since we will be in the same time zone.

  • Contact
    DubLi Network LLC
    702 West Street
    Wilmington,DE 19801
  • Managing Director
    Michael Hansen

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