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DubLi Cinch & Connect Update: New Videos, Software Upgrades

August 14, 2009

A big Cinch update below. Note that I don’t field Cinch support questions or problems – use the contact info below for any Cinch questions/comments.

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Co-op & CINCH updates
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 00:29:52 -0700
From: Scott Davis <>
To: DubLi Connect Support <>

DubLi Airline Co-op Members,

On Monday we will be implementing the automatic follow-up components to CINCH and Connect which will do sever things for customers and BA’s in the co-op.  While putting this part of the system together, we worked with another smaller co-op that has generated a significant amount credit purchasing customers using the same system – the difference is in their follow-up program. Therefore, we are adding the video links as described below to the automated customer follow up tools we were already planning to roll out:

For all registered customers (past and future), whether they’ve downloaded a CINCH or not, Connect will send out an automated email (and eventually via CINCH too). This email welcomes the customer to the world of DubLi and provides:

1)     A link to a training video spends about 10 minutes walking them through the auctions and Shopping and how to use credits and Tell-a-Friend to earn credits (this video is in final editing now)
2)     A link to the Mercedes video from the DubLi site so they can see the winner receiving his car and hear his testimonial
3)     A link to
4)     Instructions on how to use their CINCH or visit the site to purchase credits to participate in the auctions
5)     Links to (our support desk for customers)
6)     A link to the registration page to install the CINCH in case they haven’t yet

Starting on Monday BA’s will receive an email notification whenever they receive a customer registration and we tell them which co-op the customer came from so they can track it in their email until we have the counters in their dashboard on the Connect home page, which is planned. We’ll eventually add these counters to their CINCH too so they don’t even have to go to the site to see their customer count per co-op.

We’ll be showing some of these on the training call #4 Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. PDT.

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Thank you,

Scott Davis
Lariat, Inc.

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