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DubLi Update From John Cini: July Results and Aug. News

August 11, 2009

Here’s a long-overdue update for the month of July!  Sorry for the delay, but if you’ve been paying attention you know I was completely focused on the SD Miami event.  We have fantastic news throughout this message …

What a great turnout for our webcast last night:  105 people got on, and we had several guests (and enrollments) afterward!  Congratulations to Kerry Pittington’s team, who had 49 of the 105!  The next closest team, Gary Feldman’s, had 14.
That’s a lot of distance between first and second place.  Kerry said, “I really pushed it.”  I can tell!  And that’s why Kerry also has 4 levels of TCs in his group.

The recording of the webcast is already posted online in the Resource Library at (next day service – are you impressed?).

Congratulations to the GM Group, on my second level under TL Valeria Saunders:  after enrolling on the second-to-last day of June, in the next 31 days the GM Group put 52 people on their team.  They reached TC in exactly two weeks and then had one of their downline reach TC at the end of July.  I asked DubLi Corp. what the record was for most total reps in a first month, but they hadn’t tracked it.  Our own team record was 38, set back in March by Paul Hicks and Bill Goetz.  Until someone tells me otherwise, the record is hereby 52!  The GM Group is already up to 64 reps now.

We had 5 (FIVE!) new TCs in July!  I know, slowest month of the year. 🙂  Congrats to:

  • new TC Bruce Hancock, under TC Gary Feldman, TC Paul Hicks, TC Tim McCoy, and TL Ed Haas
  • new TC GM Group, under TL Valeria Saunders
  • new TC Bridget Nahan, under TC Alan Breen
  • new TC Fred Franke, under TC Kerry Pittington
  • new TC Robert Hoskins, under TC GM Group

If you questioned whether DubLi is committed to its rep force, you should now have 100% confidence that the company is with us for the long haul, because of the $1 million bonus they offered to anyone who reaches Senior Vice President (SVP) by the end of 2010.  That’s a huge, long-term plan they put in place for us, and will create amazing levels of production.

To put that in perspective, the top rep in the only other company I’ve heard offer a bonus like that, had over half a million (500,000) reps under himWe need about 2500 – that’s less than 1%!  And here’s the really scary thought:  when some of us earn the $1 million DubLi bonus, we will just be starting to roll out our customer base, while the other company I just referenced peaked out right after paying that $1 million bonus.

  • More proof of DubLi’s commitment to a humongous rep force:  Michael Hansen said he wants “DubLi North America to add 50,000 to 100,000 reps by the end of 2010.”  At a conservative $200 per rep annually, that’s $10-20 million in commissions – how much of that do you want?
  • Jim Pare’ said, “Do you have a non-profit ministry or a business?”  If you’re in DubLi to make serious money, you have to avoid the temptation to “save” people, and instead stay ruthlessly focused on being productive.
  • I talked with a sideline SD who made 7-figures (that’s more than $1 million) in another company, then left it for DubLi.  That’s a significant story that makes sense when you consider that with DubLi, there is more money and fewer headaches.
    I asked Michael Hansen point-blank when the rep customer requirement minimums would go into effect, and he said that because of the global launch, the customer requirements would begin after that, at the end of the year. Dean Mannheimer told me specifically that he would not advise blasting out credits before the end of the year.  Knowing that, in combination with the ad co-op and Cinch difficulties we didn’t anticipate, we are advising everyone to hold off on releasing your credits.  I expected an announcement from the company, but we didn’t get one.  And we’ve gotten conflicting signals from different people in the company.

    I think it’s important to consider how many credits we’ll actually have out in the market place between now and year’s end, and what that will mean to your own contacts:  do you want them to go to the site before everyone else, before there are much greater bargains in the auctions, and before all the kinks are worked out?

    Of course we’ll hear the naysayers and complainers popping off about how “DubLi doesn’t really have a customer strategy,” that “we’re only enrolling reps,” that “DubLi failed to deliver once again,” and on and on.  We’ll have to endure some attacks from the immediate gratification toddlers, but we’ll survive it just as Amazon survived through an endless sea of ridicule as they took nearly a decade to turn a profit.  Do you think today Amazon founder Jeff Bezos thinks it was worth it?  No doubt about it.

    The viral marketing we want (and expect) will not be POSITIVE if we send customers to the site and they experience problems, like logging into and then not being able to enter the Shopping Mall.  There are several other bugs that need to be worked out, so IMO patience is the virtue now.  The last thing we want is negative customer viral marketing about DubLi.

    I found out why we don’t have a date for the Oct. Conf. yet:  the company is now planning a 4-city roadshow, and I expect DC to be on the list.  Watch for the announcement in the back office (

    Here’s my 8-millionth reminder to use Google Calendar.  EVERYONE should use this FREE tool.  When you get webcast info or set appointments with prospects or need to attend a child’s event, the FIRST THING you should do when you get that info is BLOCK OUT THE TIME on Google Calendar, including any pertinent info, such as meeting time, place, address, webcast registration link, prospect’s name, fone, background info – everything!  You’ll see on Google Calendar that they include endless space for thorough notes.  At a bare minimum you can store important info there, and you can even have the G. Calendar send you a text message reminder alert to your cell fone.  If you use this system, you’ll never forget about an appt again!

    Chaos –> Stability –> Success –> Significance
    This is a description of the potential progression of lives in our world today.  Michael Hansen described this generally, and I added to it.

    We’ve all heard the Thoreau quote (from Walden), “The masses of men lead lives of quiet desperation” – I call that at least awful, and a good description of that is probably “chaos.”  From that point, many people reach “stability,” where they’ve elevated above chaos, but never feel successful.  Hansen described success as achieving what you dream of (and Webster defines success as a “favorable or desired outcome; also, the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence“), but he said that success should not be the end goal:  there is another level, significance, where you help others achieve their goals.  Needless to say, I loved this.

    Look closely at the DubLi compensation plan, and you’ll see that promotions are all based on helping others.  Simply brilliant – and compassionate.


    • How you think when you lose determines how long it will be until you win.” – John C. Maxwell, via Twitter
    • Most people fail in life because they major in minor things…what are the “major” most important things that need & deserve your focus today?” – Tony Robbins, via Twitter
    • When your feet are firmly planted, you are stuck. Welcome change! 😉” – Tony Robbins, via Twitter
    • Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” – T.S. Elliot
    • If you want to work all of your life, that’s your business; and if you don’t, that’s my business.” – Dean Mannheimer

    Looking forward to a fantastic end of summer,
    703.ATM.KEYS (703.286.5397)
    Skype: antipaper

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