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DubLi Ad Co-op & Cinch: Subscribe Before The Ad Starts!

July 20, 2009

Make sure you’re subscribed to Cinch, or you won’t get your leads from the Airline Ad Co-op ( Also note that the recording of the Friday Cinch Training Webcast is now online at

——– Original Message ——–
Subject:  Subscribe before the Co-op Starts!
Date:  Mon, 20 Jul 2009 11:47:45 -0700
From:  DubLi Connect Support (

You are receiving this because you are participating in an upcoming DubLi co-op customer generation campaign.

The campaign is set to begin August 1st. I need each of you to go to the link below to register for DubLi-CONNECT and download your CINCH. If you are not subscribing to DubLi-CONNECT, you will not receive any customers generated from this campaign. The site is live, and has been released to the public. We are continually improving and updating the site, so you might notice changes from time to time.

We need everyone to subscribe and put their information in the CONNECT system so we can properly distribute the customers as they register for a CINCH and are signed up in DubLi from the advertising. Feel free to look around and get a feel for the tools. Under the Support menu (top right, then click on Training) you’ll find step-by-step guides you can reference until we get the training videos done and on the site.

Here is the link:

Please reply back to Support via this email once you have subscribed and installed the CINCH. If you have any issues technically with getting subscribed to CONNECT, or installing the CINCH, please reply to the Support team so we can assist you.

We appreciate your cooperation in getting subscribed right away to make sure all is working smoothly before the 1st.

If there is anything else I can do for you, please send me an email!

Kristina E Ashlock
Administrative Assistant
Lariat, Inc.

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