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DubLi Update From John Cini: Group Skype Message 090713

July 13, 2009

Group Skype Message
from john cini

If you haven’t heard Tom before (or in a while), get on and listen.  He’s got the best inside info, by far, since he’s the back office software guru and can see what’s actually happening in Europe as well as in North America.  He will tell you that Aus/NZ is growing much faster than NA, and that’s a sure sign you better be sprinting if you want a piece of Asia!

Tom is doing regular webcasts for those people “Down Unda,” and last week we found out there are already 2 Sales Directors in Australia.  That continent will explode.  On our Video Business Overview page (, we now have Tom’s latest recorded webcast video posted there, under our regular video recording.

I added a lot of things to our Resource Library ( – get the username and password from your upline):

  • Fone numbers to hear recordings of Bob Watson’s and Jim Pare’s TC-only calls;
  • Kerry Pittington’s awesome video compensation plan explanation;
  • 2 new articles about FAILURE, in the “Generic Sales Training & Inspiration” section.

I listened to both of the TC-only recordings again last night, and they’re both fantastic; in fact, they add so much credibility and mention specific income, that I thought about making them available for guests.  But I’ll let you make that decision for your prospects – it’s easy to give them the fone numbers.

One-third of July is gone:  are you on pace to reach your goals?  Even so, we still have about 3 full weeks left in the month (look at the calendar).  This is our last chance to get reps before the August stampede!  “What stampede?” you may ask:  Cinch finally being ready for us and helping us flood credits, and the Airline Ad Co-op starting Aug. 1.  If you aren’t familiar with the ad co-op, check it out at  And for the latest msg about Cinch, see Scott Davis’ last email, on my blog at

IMO, the mindset for July is that you want to recruit lots of people BEFORE Cinch and the Ad Co-op begin.  Also, the recruiting will probably get MUCH easier as the word spreads about DubLi and also as we demonstrate the power of the Cinch software.  (We expect to bring on a lot more people in the second half of this year than we did in the first.)  Knowing that, when the crazy growth begins do you want to have TWO reps in your group recruiting with you or 100?  Seems obvious to me!

I don’t know if you know it, but the whole world is open for DubLi business RIGHT NOW!  Our own team has DubLi reps enrolled and earning income in at least 10 nations.  How many of them are officially open or have access to a DubLi auction (with the ability to use credits)?  Only those people in the 3 nations of North America and the 27 European Union nations.  But anyone anywhere can enroll, get credits, disseminate credits to people in nations who do have access to DubLi auctions, enroll other reps, and get paid.  The beauty of this DubLi biz is that with our “virtual currency” and electronic product (credits), we don’t have the limitations of typical direct sales companies, where they have endless customs/shipping hurdles in unopened nations, along currency conversions, tax implications, etc.  Start building everywhere, TODAY.

Not sure what a certain acronym stands for, such as “IMO” above?  Look it up at  I use it all the time!


703.ATM.KEYS (703.286.5397)
Skype:  antipaper

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