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DubLi Corp. (Rik McCoy): “Direct Movie Link”

July 13, 2009

Another sharp marketing tool at our disposal, courtesy of DubLi.  Jim McCarron, my sponsor, said:

“This is GREAT!  This is what we’ve all been asking for.  It’s the actual video that the customers see before they register to use the free credits we send them.  Now you can get creative and send this out separately.  Everyday Dubli gets a little better and a little easier …”


—–Original Message—–
From: Rik S. McCoy
Sent: Mon, Jul 13, 2009 2:51 pm
Subject: Direct Movie Link

Hello Leaders,
Last week I mentioned on one of the TC leadership calls a direct link to the movie BA€™s can begin using. Enclosed [below] is the update on that announcement and I would sincerely appreciate getting the word out to your teams on this update. I will have it posted in the news section within the hour.

Rik S. McCoy
Director of Marketing
H: 480-626-2330
W: 800-984-2040
Delaware 19806, USA


All BA’s are now able to send a link directly to their prospective customers and business prospects to the DubLi.Com movie instead of first having to generate an email from the back office of

This new option will give you the ability of walking your prospects through the auction site much faster.

All you have to do is change the number at the end of the link to your own BA number. Please test the link to be sure your number appears in the enrollment form.

The last number needs to be the BA’s ID. So if the BA’s ID number is 457852 then replace the above example of 123456 and add 457852 instead.

You can always shorten the hyperlink by typing for example:

Click Here To Watch Amazing 120 Second Video

1.  First create the text
2.  Then highlight the entire text
3.  Right click and select ‘Hyperlink’
4.  Add the link
5.  Finished

Feel free to be creative, my example is just an illustration…The more professional you can make your emails look, the better response rate you will get.


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