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DubLi Update From John Cini: Group Skype Message 090708

July 8, 2009
Group Skype Message
from john cini
This is a webcast for only members of our DJ Doubler Team.  I sent our team the registration link via Skype – if you didn’t get it, contact your upline TC or me.  You can put prospects on the call, but I don’t recommend it unless they’ve seen multiple webcasts and are serious about building the business.

On this webcast we will cover a tremendous amount of new material, even since last week, so I strongly suggest you attend.  We’ll demo Cinch live for you, take you to the new 6.5% Rewards Discount Section of the Shopping Mall (with a search engine and 300,000 products), and show you some great mass marketing strategies to get people calling you.  I’ll also review the back offices of my upline, to show you how I presented the DubLi business when I first got started back in January.

I apologize for sending the wrong link for Tom Ashlock’s Monday webcast.  I received it late and rushed to get it out, but copied the link for next Monday.  (Learn from my blockheadedness and always check links you send by clicking them first, to make sure where they go!)  We’ve solved the problem for the future, because we now have the next 3 months’ webcast links set and will have them posted on our site.  Also, Tom is doing regular Monday webcasts for Australia, and we’ll post those, too.  Look for all those links later today.

“BA’s can request transfers to CommissionsPlus up through Saturday, July 11th, 2009 at 6:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). The monies will appear in your CommissionsPlus account by Wednesday, July 15th 2009. Requests for transfers payable to the BA’s CommissionsPlus account made after Saturday, July 11th at 6:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) will not be available until Monday, August 17th 2009. Please make sure your team members are made aware of this update.”

Also in yesterday’s DubLi Corp. Newsletter email, 85 reps are recognized for enrolling 5 recruits in one month.  Of the 85, at least 8 are in our group (maybe more – if I missed someone, please tell me!):
– Celeste Puppolo
– Murray & Sharlett Winters
– Darren Cole
– Bruce & Theresa Hancock
– Ed Haas
– Michael Muto
– K2 Marketing Group
– Ron Ashker

Another 5 or more are under my sponsor or sideline who have been growing with us on our webcasts.  My point is that what we’re doing is getting results!

From that Corp. email (which I posted on my blog,, also note the list of 9 new Sales Directors:  of the 9 (including my sponsor, Jim McCarron), 2 are in Australia!  So people don’t have to be in a country that’s “open” for DubLi in order to explode this business and make a fortune!

Happy Hunting,
703.ATM.KEYS (703.286.5397)
Skype:  antipaper

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  1. johnny permalink
    August 7, 2009 02:42

    Hello. Thank you for this great info! Keep up the good job!

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