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DubLi Newsletter 7th July, 2009

July 7, 2009

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Subject: DubLi Newsletter 7th July, 2009
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 18:02:03 +0200 (CEST)
From: DubLi Network

Newsletter July 7th, 2009

NEW Update – DubLi just implemented a new payment option where BA’s can elect to pay the annual license renewal and or new product packages directly from their commission account. This option is for personal use only and cannot be used as a payment option for any other BA. In order to use this payment option it is imperative the BA check their available commission balance to insure there is adequate funds in the account. It is our opinion that this additional payment option will add more flexibility convenience to our BA’s.

CommissionsPlus History – Now when you login to your back office through DubLi Network you will be able to view a complete history of all transactions processed to CommissionsPlus.

Simply login to your back office through DubLiNetwork and click on ‘My Earnings’ located on the left hand side of the web page. Then scroll down to ‘Manage your DubLi Commissions’ immediately beneath ‘Manage your DubLi Commissions you’ll see ‘Create Transaction’ … ‘How it works’ … and ‘Transaction History’ Click on Transaction History in order to view the history of all transactions placed through CommissionsPlus.

Update on DubLi’s Partner Program – In an effort to add more convenient services for our BA’s, we have enabled the ability for BA’s to purchase a Partner Program Voucher directly from the BA’s own personal commission account. Once the voucher has been purchased it can be sent to any contact. Since the voucher is prepaid, all the recipient has to do is enter the voucher number for payment. This new feature can be a very useful method of payment if a BA elects to pay for the cost of enrolling a new business or non-profit organization into the Partner Program. BA’s may also elect to use a voucher to personally enroll their own business into the Partner Program if that is applicable.

NEW Team Coordinator Leadership Calls – Rik S. McCoy our Director of Marketing has been conducting two leadership calls weekly, held every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time). These calls are reserved exclusively for qualified Team Coordinator’s in North America and by invitation only. If you are fully qualified as a Team Coordinator and you have not received an invitation for the exclusive call, then please submit a support ticket and type in the subject line

‘I’’m a TC and I want on the Call’

Upon verification your name can be added to the list and the TC will receive an email with the details for the call. The calls are very informative and interactive featuring a special guest speaker on each call who is a qualified Sales Director. It’s an ideal platform to learn the methods used by our most successful leaders to build large successful organizations. The goal for the month of July is to promote as many Team Coordinators to the position of Sales Director so they can attend the upcoming event in Miami. The lines are limited and tend to fill up very quickly, so each call is recorded. If you happen to miss the call you can login to the back office and check the ‘News Section’ for the rebroadcast instruction within 30 minutes after the conclusion of the live call.

NEW Promotion Bonus Online – All promotional bonuses are now viewable in the back office.

NEW CommissionsPlus Training Video – DubLi created a new training video which will guide a BA step by step through the process of setting up their initial account with CommissionsPlus. If you take the time to view the short video, a BA can successfully set up their account within a matter of minutes. You can easily locate this new video by logging into your back office and clicking on ‘How it works’ under Transfer money using CommissionsPlus. The feedback on the new video has been enthusiastically embraced by the field and completely eliminates the explanation process on behalf of the BA. The video will eliminate hours of explanation time in your business.

URGENT INFORMATION – Bonus Payment Cut-Off Date
BA’s can request transfers to CommissionsPlus up through Saturday, July 11th, 2009 at 6:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). The monies will appear in your CommissionsPlus account by Wednesday, July 15th 2009. Requests for transfers payable to the BA’s CommissionsPlus account made after Saturday, July 11th at 6:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) will not be available until Monday, August 17th 2009. Please make sure your team members are made aware of this update.

Congratulations $800 Contest Winners – We want to personally congratulate each and every person who qualified for our recent $800 contest for personally enrolling a minimum of 5 new Business Associates. The individual effort made by the special leaders on this list will have a tremendous impact on the long-term success of their business. The inner feeling of accomplishment and achievement will surely elevate their beliefs and accelerate their personal growth. Pay close attention and follow the names on this list because they have taken the necessary steps to reach the higher ranks in our compensation plan. We are so proud of your accomplishment.

  • Theresa Hancock
  • Trevor and Rhonda Farmer
  • Didier (DJ) Richoux
  • Curtis Gushi
  • Dave Bynum
  • Darren Cole
  • Tracey Hansen
  • Lien Mai Truong
  • Kay Tobias
  • Tony Nguyen
  • Peter Zelsner
  • Sharlett Winters
  • Jake Butler
  • John Smoot
  • Heather Cook
  • Chris Young-Wright
  • Rod Williams
  • Antonios Papamarkos
  • Tony Swift
  • Thomas Nestor
  • KY Tran
  • Peter Cecil
  • Ken Geldenhuis
  • John Matthews
  • Wendy Kelly
  • Richard Krytenberg
  • Frank Stein
  • John Taylor
  • Keith St. Peter
  • Jeffrey R. Clark
  • Dennis Horst
  • Phil Benson Frank Pescatore
  • Nikolaos Zervas
  • Mathilde Johansson
  • Kendell Kennington
  • Joseph Goth
  • Dave Macmillan
  • Dieter Mantze
  • Karina Felix
  • Celeste Puppolo
  • Nicola West
  • Bob Wilson
  • Stacy Lopes
  • Ben Crocker
  • Lisa Chetcuti
  • Robert Swaab
  • Keiji and Jean Bulette
  • Marie Nielsen
  • Ed Haas
  • Brigitte and Dean Hines
  • Les Prosser
  • Michael Muto
  • Donna Napier
  • Ruby Benedicto
  • Trevor and Rhonda Farmer
  • Roy Bobo
  • Niels Sorensen
  • K2 Marketing Group
  • Eric Rasmussen
  • Juan Antonio Perez
  • Roy and Tracey Pool
  • Susan J. Hartung
  • Manuel Manzana
  • Erich Laubner
  • Peter Sabato
  • Sally Prissert
  • Stephanie Price
  • Allen Rowe
  • Trevor Chatham
  • Steve Bybee
  • Demetrios Halkias
  • Neil Connell
  • Shirley King
  • Clint Goodwin
  • Dario Borghi
  • Thierry Williams
  • Trevor Chatham
  • Ron Ashker
  • Peter Maddison
  • Carol McCord
  • Phil Ayoub
  • Helix Creative, LLC
  • Henry Reed
  • Brady Boman
  • V. Blaine Cutler
  • Maria Marcello

NEWLY Qualified Sales Directors – It gives us great pleasure to announce and introduce DubLi’s newest qualified Sales Directors. This represents a great achievement and signifies a quantum leap in their prospective monthly earnings. The future of our company rests in creating leaders who rise in rank to become Sales Directors because it is only one step removed from reaching the ultimate title of Vice-President. We are extremely proud of each and every one of you and the remarkable effort you put into building your business.

  1. Andrew Floor, USA
  2. James McCarron III, USA
  3. Doug Brady, USA
  4. Judy Meske, USA
  5. Robert Darrah, USA
  6. Dennis Murray, USA
  7. Rick Phillips, USA
  8. Trevor Chatham, Australia
  9. Next Wave Enterprise, Australia
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