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DubLi Serious Money

July 2, 2009

Wanna get excited about THRIVING in 2009 when most people are scrounging?  Take a look inside the mind of my business partner Dick Fraser, who knows how to seriously think big:

In the EU, the avg. VP rep has approx. 5000 reps.  There are only a handful of reps at that level, so the sample size is small, but 3 months ago Tom Ashlock reached VP here in the USA with about the same number.  (He is at 6500 people now, after his first full year, just completed June 17.)

The DJ Doubler Team currently sits at 550 reps: if that number grows 10x over the next year, that’s more than 5000, but that’s plenty.  (It won’t take us a year to hit VP, though.) Here’s the excitement:

  • From our PPT presentation, 100 reps generate $9000/month in customer income ($108k/year).   To back up if you aren’t familiar with that, from the DubLi company website, (a little more than half-way down the page in the paragraphs under the customer chart and math), we are told “the EU customer to rep ratio is a staggering 72:1,” which means in Europe the average DubLi rep has 72 customers.  And the average EU customer “spends approx. $25/month on DubLi credits.” So if you have 100 reps and an average of 72 cust., that’s 7200 cust. total that you’re almost certainly averaging at least 5% on.  But let’s be super-conservative and say you only average 2%, if most of that revenue happens under a TC- or SD-level rep.  So 7200 cust. x $25/month = $180,000/month in revenue, and then 2% x $180,000 = $3600/month of income.
  • If you have 5000 reps, that’s 50 times the 100 reps that got us to $3600/month, so 50 x $3600 = $180,000/mo., which is about $2 million/year.  The interesting thing to note is that Tom has averaged more than $60,000/month in pay over his first 12 months, WITHOUT ANY CUSTOMER income. If all those reps begin actively seeking customers, which is supposed to happen this month, then we can begin tracking actual cust. income instead of hypothetical.  But remember, the numbers we show above actually happened in the EU, so they’re really not hypothetical.  Also allow for several months of buildup, because we won’t start averaging $25/month in credits right away – the EU took over a year to grow to that point.
  • Even if 5000 reps only yield one-tenth of the crazy annual number above, that would still be $200,000/year from customers alone, which is not bad pay and what typical networking companies pay TOTAL for a rep force that large.

Good luck sleeping!

John Cini
Sales Director
DubLi NA
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