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DubLi Update From John Cini: Miami Luxury, Webcast Attendance

June 30, 2009

3 Quick Notes:

1.  Want to see the hotel DubLi is putting us in Aug. 7-10?  Miami Biltmore,  That’ll be sweet.  On the Corp. conf. call tonight we heard from Sandra Kreitenberg (sp?) from Brisbane, Australia, who enrolled 4 weeks ago and already hit TC with one TC under her.

2.  One more reminder:   9:30pm Eastern Wed. evening is our team webcast – be on it, with your entire team!  If you don’t have the registration link, get it from your upline.  I sent it via Skype to everyone on our team.

3.  If you plan on hitting huge numbers with DubLi, attending our live webcasts Tue., Thu., & Sat. is not optional.  Not only do you need to be on them, but you have to have guests!  If you’re not on them, then you obviously won’t have guests on them.  Also, your team won’t be on them if you aren’t.  And equally important, if you only get on when you have a guest, how much will our attendance grow?  We need everyone on all 3 calls thru the summer, to keep our numbers growing.  Now here’s the most important reason to be on them:  to keep yourself focused.  You’ll speak to prospects much more effectively if you listen to the calls regularly, and you’ll be buzzing from the excitement you hear in the speakers’ voices.  I know this because I’m on the calls EVERY night there’s a webcast, going on 6 straight months.

Let’s go to Miami! I’m already booked, all expenses paid, so join me.


John Cini
Sales Director
DubLi NA
703.ATM.KEYS (703.286.5397)
888.832.3208 find me anytime
Skype:  antipaper
Join The Evolution!:
Independent Business Associate

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