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DubLi Airline Ad Co-Op Update: Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op for August 2009

June 26, 2009

Don’t miss the comments below about how to get a piece of the Sep. ad co-op, which will only be available for 48 hours next week. Also surprising to note there are only “40+ people on the ‘Co-Op waiting list’.”

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Update – DubLi Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 18:10:39 -0400
From: Millionaire Marketing, Inc. <>
Important Update Good News:
DubLi Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op for August 2009

Hello August Co-Op Participants,

This is Tari Steward, President of Millionaire Marketing, Inc. (MMI).
This is an Important Update Good News email regarding your position in the DubLi “Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op” for August 2009.
After a thorough analysis of which Major USA Airlines to advertise in that would be the most effective way to reach the most airline travelers, the ad broker and I decided to only advertise with a Full Page Display Ad and only place the Full Page Ad in the largest airlines magazines to reach the biggest number of travelers.
So, we have paid for and secured the placement of our Full Page Display Ad in each of the 5 largest USA Airlines In-Flight Magazines for the month of August, and these airlines are:
  • Delta Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • US Airways
These 5 Major USA Airlines magazines reach a combined estimated total of tens of millions of travelers each month, who will see and read our DubLi full page display ad in August.  The published rate card prices to place a full page ad for a single month in all of these magazines totals over $213,000.  But, we are advertising in them all at an excellent low price based on a discount of over 64% off this total, thanks to the international ad broker that we work with.

I have completed the design and creation of the New Full Page Display Ad for our Massive Marketing Machine Co-Op, and it is everything that an ideal display ad should be:
  • It is visually colorful and impressive, and it instantly grabs your attention and makes you want to look at the graphics and read the text.
  • The layout of the graphics and the text rapidly builds strong interest in reading the ad in order to find out what “DubLi Fun Shopping” is all about.
  • As the reader moves through the ad, the graphics and text are creating Want and Desire in their mind to get their own DubLi Membership for Free so they can start shopping and saving big money in the Reverse Auctions and the Rewards Mall.
  • And finally, the ad motivates and inspires the reader to get into Action and visit the Marketing Website as soon as possible, so they can get registered for their own Free DubLi Membership account.

This Full Page Display Ad has been reviewed and approved by the DubLi Compliance Department, with one revision that we are making.  Once the final approved version of the ad is completed, I will send all Co-Op participants an email with a link to a Webpage where you can see the ad for yourself.  Once you see the ad, you will clearly understand why and how it will drive very large numbers of interested visitors to the New Marketing Website that is also being created.


Here is the sequence of the two remaining creative actions that we are working on in order to make the August Co-Op a huge success for all participants, and I will keep you updated on their progress as we complete each one:
  • DESIGN & CREATION OF THE MARKETING WEBSITE:  I am now working directly with the Web design team at the Lariat company to co-create the DubLi Marketing Website that will convert huge percentages of the visitors from our Airlines Mag Ads into registered customers that all Co-Op participants shall evenly share.
  • “CINCH” AND “CONNECT” SYSTEMS:  I am sending the list of all 300 August Co-Op participants to the Lariat company team, and when the “Cinch” and “Connect” systems are completed and ready for launch, they will notify each of you via email so you can subscribe to your own systems.  Both the “Cinch” and the “Connect” systems are required by all Co-Op participants, as stated in the Co-Op Website, so make sure and get your subscription when you receive the email from the Lariat company.

Many of you have emailed me about how you can secure a position in the upcoming September Co-Op.  Simply stated, each of you as participants in the August Co-Op will have a “First Right” and a “First Chance” to also get a position in the September Co-Op, and here is how it will work:
  • All August Co-Op participants will be notified via email from me next Tuesday, on June 30th, that you can now place your order for a position in the September Co-Op, with a link to the September Co-Op Website.
  • Each of you will be given a 48 hour window to place an order for a position in the September Co-Op and make payment on our PayPal Webpage, exactly as you did for the August Co-Op.
  • This 48 hour window is only available for each of the 300 August Co-Op participants on our list, so please do not invite any of your other team members to also place an order.
  • Then, after that 48 hour window is over, if any of the total 300 September Co-Op positions are left, we will notify the group of 40+ people on the “Co-Op waiting list” who did not get a position in the August Co-Op, and they will rapidly acquire any positions that are remaining.
This is how we will sell the 300 positions in the September Co-Op.

This is a very exciting project for all of us, and if you have any questions about the Co-Op, please refer back to the Co-Op Website for all the details at
If you have any questions that are not already answered on that Website, then please call or email me directly.
Let’s All Create More Success With DubLi Network!
Tari Steward – President
Millionaire Marketing, Inc.
“Helping Businesses Succeed Since 1989”
Clearwater Beach – FL – 33767
Phone: 727-799-2228
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