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DubLi Group Skype Message From John Cini

June 22, 2009

Group Skype Message
from john cini

An entire WEEK without blasting you any news! I know, you’re in withdrawal. But I’ve been recruiting. I’m going to add several hundred more people to my downline in the next few months, period. This story is still so easy to tell and have people eating out of your hand! I’m too busy to mess with admin stuff. Lots is happening this week though, so you’ll get a few blasts from me.

Dean Mannheimer will have some good updates for us tonight. A few of the details are in his email on my blog, (down below this).

If you’re working, then you already noticed we cut way back the number of webcasts we’re doing (our schedule is at Jim, Jim, & I got on the fone Sat. after our training and all agreed that we have to get our attendance back to stratospheric numbers, and one way to encourage that is to limit our webcasts. So thru the summer we’ll run Tues., Thurs., and Sat. The other days we’ll do private webcasts and 3ways, but if I’m not doing a webcast or 3way, you know I’ll be recruiting for ME. Doing webcasts 5 days a week for the last 4+ months has been fun, but just like everyone else, I need to recruit more people, and now I have much more time to do that. Jim McCarron probably gets the credit for thinking that our numbers will surge faster if we all work together. Jim Pare’ and I both quickly agreed. If you’re a leader and you want high attendance numbers on the webcasts when you have guests, then you’ve got to be on all 3 webcasts every week.

If you skipped our Sat. morning training, you missed out on an incredible presentation by Kerry Pittington: his new slideshow & explanation of how the compensation plan works is fantastic. We’ll post a recording of it soon. The slides will be posted in our Resource Library ( later today.

Many of you have asked if I’m going to continue to use Skype (“Are you abandoning Skype?!?!”). The answer is YES for regular messaging and NO for 1) emergencies (like the ad co-op), 2) daily communication with teammates (so we don’t interrupt a call), 3) sending large files like PPTs, and 4) calling other countries at no charge (if the person I’m calling has Skype). There are numerous other reasons to keep using Skype. But for sending new info that used to flow via email, I now post that info on my blog at and alert you about the new posting by sending a very short message on Twitter. Almost 50 of our group have registered to “follow me,” but that’s a fraction of our team, so get all the people you enrolled to get on Twitter!

Need help setting up Twitter?  I have an entire page above, just on that topic.

Obviously the Cinch beta test still hasn’t started yet. We may get it in a few days. They’re having a problem linking between the software and the DubLi database. Again, I’ll tell you as soon as we have the software in our possession.

I talked with a HUGE number of prospects last week, and still NO ONE has heard of DubLi! It’s amazing to me, but I love it, because that just means more market share. We’ll soon look back on these days and say, “Remember when we could call 100 people and be sure that none of them had a clue what DubLi is?” When all the bugs are fixed, Cinch is flying, ad co-ops are everywhere, magazine articles are being written, the full DubLi Shopping Search Engine is in place, and we’re getting paid click-thru fees – that’s the time you’ll be glad you were in early, before everyone else had any idea how big DubLi would become.

One week left in the magical month of June. Hope you have qualified (or will) for the 50% bonus. Don’t wait till the last minute!

You have to dial the fone if you want to make big bucks …

703.ATM.KEYS (703.286.5397)
Skype: antipaper

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