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DubLi Commissions & Hyperwallet

June 15, 2009
Let me add to the info below that all you really have to do is follow the instructions below under “How to use the system.”  (No need to setup an account at hyperwallet first.)  This is a very simple system and should already be in place if you’ve given DubLi all your bank info (via the back office).
Please get this out asap to the whole team so they can get their funds this month. It’s very easy. Must be done tomorrow.
Jim McCarron
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Dean Mannhimer <>
Date: Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 10:35 PM
Subject: Dubli Updates
Dubli Business Associates, Here are updates that I want to be sure each of you has received from the company.

· Below is information regarding the Hyperwallet which is available for this month’s commissions. I copied an email all of you should have received from the company already. Here is a copy just in case you missed it.

Newsletter June 12th, 2009

HyperWallet We are very excited to announce that we are ready to launch our new HyperWallet system within the next few days. The system is still undergoing test and we will inform you via your back office, when it is ready to be implemented. Please login daily to your back office and watch for the READY mark! At that stage, the HyperWallet system will be available to use. It is very ‘user friendly’ and gives an easy start. Follow the step by step instructions available for download and print. Once you have received a link for setting up your personal account, it shouldn’t take more than 3-5 minutes to complete the process.

You might have noticed that the pending and available amounts have been updated within the past few days (applies to most of you). The pending amount is your current earnings for June; the available amount is the amount you can transfer to your HyperWallet account. You can choose to transfer a partial amount or the full amount of your balance; it’s completely up to you!

Please note this is a trial month for using the HyperWallet system. Deadline for transfer requests is Friday June 19th 2009 – EST 6PM if you want your funds paid out this month. If you miss the deadline June 19th, the next available date for cash out will be July 15th 2009.

How to use the system

Simply login to your back office and select “My earnings

Go to “Transfer to HyperWallet

Press “Create transaction

Enter the amount, select the currency, and then press “Save transaction

You will notice that the amount has been deducted from your available balance.

Since this is your first transfer request, your transaction will be electronically sent directly to HyperWallet. The next step is to check your inbox for an email from HyperWallet, which will include a confirmation link enabling you to set up your personal account. Please make sure your email address is the exact same as the one used in your DubLi Network profile. If not, payment might go to one of the other accounts you might have. When you login to the HyperWallet system for the first time, you’ll find a simple step-by-step instruction on how to set up your account and where you’d like your DubLi cash outs to be transferred to. You can easily withdraw your funds directly from your personal savings or checking account. The system is completely seamless and very easy to use.

On June 15th the requested balance will be available in your HyperWallet account and you will be able to transfer the requested funds directly to your personal checking or savings account. Remember this is a trial month. You can request payments until June 19th. Any requests made after June 15th will be loaded into your HyperWallet account 1-2 business days later.

Transaction fees for using HyperWallet:

Wallet loading fee (DubLi to HyperWallet) USD $2.00 per transaction

Personal Bank account transfer fee (1) USD $2.00 per transaction

Monthly HyperWallet maintenance fees (2)(3) USD $2.00 per monthNOTES:

1. Some country restrictions may apply

2. Fees are automatically assessed against every account on the system on a monthly basis

3. Fees do not occur against accounts with $0.00 balances

Maximum amount per cash out in the Hyperwallet is listed below; however you can perform multiple cash outs.

CAD $15,000
USD $14,000
GBP £7,500
EUR €9,500

We will soon have online training available on how to use the HyperWallet system. Please look for the available updates in our news area and calendar section in your back office.

Please note that requests for transfer sent via our support ticket system are NOT VALID any longer. All requests received for this month have been CANCELLED. BAs must use the HyperWallet system if they want funds transferred.

We hope you will appreciate the befits of this exciting new technology.

DubLi Network LLC
702 West Street
Wilmington,DE 19801

Managing Director:
Michael Hansen


Hyperwallet is an independent provider which you can transfer your DubLi earnings to any location of your choice. This enables you to comfortably and securely wire a certain amount of money from your Hyperwallet account to your personal bank account. Your Hyperwallet account will be created automatically. You will receive an email containing your login information when utilizing this service for the first time. Please note that our Hyperwallet service is currently available in English only!

You will be requested to verify your new Hyperwallet account. An email will be sent to you containing a verification link. In order to verify your account, please click on this link and enter your ‘Membership ID’. Your new Hyperwallet Membership ID is identical to your BA ID. Please use it when verifying your account.

· You will also notice when you go to you back office after logging in when you go to the earnings page that there are new reports. You now can see clearly your personal customer income, total organizational commissions, breakdown for BA packages, customer commissions and promotional commissions.

There will be more coming this week and I will send them out as soon as I have the final details.

Best regards,

Dean Mannheimer

International Success Group

Jim McCarron
(301)631-6700 Office
(301) 471-8894 Cell

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