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DubLi Update From John Cini: Critical Info, June 9, 2009

June 9, 2009

DubLi Update From John Cini
Very critical info in here, especially about emails being blocked if they contain a link to our team site, getting paid for May, and new documents available to you.  None of this was sent via Skype.


With my last email, I had 12 yahoo email addresses listed as “bounced,” meaning they don’t appear to have been delivered.  If you have a yahoo address, please check my email archive to make sure you got my previous message.

Going forward, all my “emails” will now be here.  I say “emails” in quotes, because I’m no longer using email to disseminate info, so really it’ll be my “posts” or “newsletters,” whatever you want to call them.  I’ll either use Skype or Twitter (or something high-tech and cool) to alert you that I’ve posted something new here.  Eventually I’ll move my DubLi archive to this site.


Congrats to all of you who jumped on the ad co-op and mobilized your team to do the same!  I’m sure we made quite an impression on the company, as we continue to gobble up market share.  Alan Breen‘s team had at least 17 spots and Gary Feldman‘s team had at least 14 (with Paul Hicks/Bill Goetz 11 of those).  Kerry Pittington’s team had about 10, too.  Right now my entire team has a confirmed 52 of the 300 spots.  I think we had at least 5 more that I missed.

Skype was the key to our results, no question.  If you’re on my team and you’re not on Skype, you’re simply missing out on important, timely information.  JFTR (just for the record), of my 500+ team, I’ve only got 100 on Skype.  My whole frontline is on Skype, so I’ve done my job.


Even if we only get 10 customers a month for our $250 investment, using the model we show everyone on our daily webcasts, those 10 would get 5 referrals each:  10 x 5 = 50, plus the original 10 = 60.  If those 60 customers spend an average of $25/month each on credits (31 credits), 60 x 31 credits each = 1860 credits.  Then we multiply 1860 by 20cents/credit we make on the Gold package spread: 1860 x .20 = $372.  Over a year, our one month $250 investment would return $372 x 12 = $4464, or about 18 times our investment.  We’re just a few months away from testing the numbers we’ve been talking about for months! We can play with the numbers all day:  break even is a paltry 10 total customers (10 with zero referrals, or 2 customers getting 4 referrals each) spending a miserly $8/month (for 10 credits), so 10 x 10 credits = 100 credits x 20cents/credit = $20/month, which is $240/year, from a $250 outlay.


The ad co-op sold out in 48 hours – no surprise there.  Check it out at  The first ad we just funded will run in August.  Payment for the second month, which will run in Sep., will happen in July.  If you want a shot to get in the following month (if the current 300 reps choose not to keep spending $250/month or are booted out for not meeting the bonus requirements), you need to get on the waiting list, which is also first-come, first-served.  So you better get on it now.  The scoop from the site above (I’d include your DubLi ID# with your name/fone/email):

“If You Want to Be Placed on the “Waiting List” for the September 2009 Co-Op, you must send us an email right now with “Add Me To the Sept. Co-Op Waiting List” in the subject line, and include your name, phone number and email address.  Send your email to right now, and you will be notified when the September Co-Op is ready to start taking orders online for positions on a First Come-First Served basis ONLY.”

Some spammers have already brutalized our team website, so when you try to email it as a link, your email is now blocked by certain ISPs (internet service providers).  I learned this because an email I was forwarding to Alan wouldn’t go through, and by only removing a link to our site it went through with no problem.  So we have two work-arounds, which are simple to use, but you better remember them when you email prospects:

1. Send people to watch the recorded webcast video at

2. Use the link to send people to the site.  Soon the word will get out about the yourfirststep site and some idiot will spam that and get it blocked, too, so you’ll have to use the second link here.


If you’ve been attending our webcasts and paying attention, you may have noticed my total downline count didn’t move in 4 days.  I was informed by the upline that the back office is once again under an upgrade attack.  I hope this means the e-wallet is being installed.   On the other hand, we haven’t heard anything from DubLi Corp. about the financial system getting completed, which is not good, so I encourage everyone who wants a payday for this Friday, June 15, to submit a payment request.  To repeat the company’s payment request directions (if only for the last time):

To receive your commissions, send a ticket to customer support requesting a commission pay out prior to the 15th of the month.  In this ticket also indicate how much you would like sent to you out of your account.  Please be sure that your banking information is in your profile. In the US you do not require an IBAN number, however you will need your SWIFT code and you can obtain this by calling your bank.  The money takes between 2-4 bank days to arrive in a US bank account.

When the company announces the “e-wallet” is live, then you’ll know all the financial transactions for us will be in-country.  The last thing I heard was that they were racing to beat the June 15 payday, but i haven’t heard if they’ll make it.

$10,000 PER MONTH IN 60 DAYS

I added a new document to “The Basics” section of the Resource Library at  Anyone who is not making $10k/month and wants to, will definitely find this document helpful.  It’s a step-by-step explanation of exactly what I did to make over $10k in my second month.


But wait, there’s more!  I gave that whole page an overhaul, and it now sports two new sections, “Understanding & Presenting DubLi” and “Understanding Network Marketing.”  We think you’ll love and benefit from the info in both sections.

UPDATED RECORDED WEBCAST Alan and I re-recorded the webcast for the “nth” time, and we think we have a very good one now.  It’ll be posted sometime today or tomorrow.

Here is the link to the online recording of the Cinch training we had yesterday: Beta Training 6-8-09.html.  We were told that some of the things shown will change this week and we will get new trainings meant for the final product for end-users.


If you’re worrying about the June 30 deadline (seems like everyone is, or should be!), hey:  I’m not even qualified for it yet.  But I’m not wasting time thinking about it – I’m hitting the fone!  Block your dial times on a calendar and get after it.  Not hard to do, and people are looking for a money-maker.  They’re waiting for your call.

Here are the requirements and the steps to take:  be a Gold Package holder and qualify for the new Leadership Bonus, by recruiting at least 3 reps with a minimum total of $6500 in credits purchased.

Those minimums will actually HELP you begin making good money with DubLi.  They’re mandatory, and really, you have to exceed them to get to serious income.  Just stay focused on bringing in reps and you’ll be fine.  For example, in the next 3 weeks, if you enroll 5 people at bronze ($750), you’ll accomplish 2 things:

1. you’ll get the whopper $800 bonus;

2. you’ll have only $2875 in credits (5 x $575), but almost surely at least 2 of those 5 will upgrade to Gold by June 30 to get the 50% bonus and jack their July 15 payday. and those 2 upgrading will add $4800 in credits, easily giving u more than the $6500 minimum.   Some new reps will also upgrade by June 30 just to be able to participate in the ad co-op for July.

While I’m on the topic, if u mess with the “65 @ $100 credits each” (customer focus, or weak rep focus), you’ll find that getting 2/day for 30 days is not only unlikely, it’s really impossible.  Plus, even if u did it, none of those 65 would do any real duplication.  I’ve seen this over and over again in my 20 years of networking.

Three weeks left in June to qualify for the 50% Bonus!  Go to the whip …


• Our Team Resource Site:
• DubLi Business Overview:
• DubLi Partner Program Site:
• Tom Ashlock’s rep site:

John Cini
Sales Director
DubLi NA
703.ATM.KEYS (703.286.5397)
888.832.3208 find me anytime
Skype: antipaper
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Copyright © John Cini, 2009

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